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Magazine media companies are brands that either currently or historically publish a print edition and may also produce and distribute brand content on digital platforms such as websites, social media and video.

I am a publicist for stars & potential stars.

I have 19 years of experience in the recruitment and promotion of new and experienced models, writers, artists, and musicians.

This is what I do: I promote models, model hopefuls, photographers, writers, and musicians via magazines, social networking, individual ads, websites, and industry sites and publications. 

There are several different modeling, writing, and free promotion opportunities for people of all shapes, sizes, styles, and sexes on this site

No experience required.

Professional photos not required.

Must be aged 18 or older.

Everything is done via internet/email so you can be located ANYWHERE and work with me!



(Tripods ok)

The Pay Is Free Publicity, Experience,
And An Addition To Your Modeling Resume/Reference.  
No One, Including Our Staff Receives A Free Copy
Of Any Of Our Publications.
Tear Sheets Are Available Upon Written Request After
The Magazine’s Release Date.


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